passenger noun

ADJ. business-class, economy-class, first-class, second-class, standard-class | front-seat, rear-seat | airline, bus, rail | pillion (= riding on the back of a motorcycle) | fellow I soon got talking to my fellow passengers.

VERB + PASSENGER carry Last year the airline carried 4.6 million passengers. | let on, pick up, take on A taxi was picking up a passenger outside the hotel. | drop off, let off/out The bus stopped to let its passengers off.

PASSENGER + VERB wait passengers waiting to board the plane | be aboard (sth), go in/on sth, travel in/on sth passengers travelling on the Orient Express | board (sth), embark (on sth), get on (sth), go aboard (sth) | disembark, get off/out | be stranded Thousands of passengers were stranded last night at Heathrow airport.

PASSENGER + NOUN compartment | door | seat, side There is no air bag on the passenger side. | comfort, safety | aircraft, ferry, train | flight, services | list

PREP. ~ for Will all passengers for Frankfurt please go to Gate 21. | ~ in the passengers in her car | ~ on all the passengers on the ferry

You can also check other dicts: passenger (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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