passion noun

1 strong sexual love/attraction

ADJ. grand, great She didn't believe in grand passion or love at first sight. She was his first great passion. | all-consuming, blind, consuming, fierce, fiery, intense | tender | animal, romantic, sexual

QUANT. surge, wave

VERB + PASSION arouse, awaken No one had ever aroused his passion as much as Sandra. | be filled with, feel the great passion he felt for her

PASSION + VERB cool, wane

PREP. with ~ They kissed with passion. | ~ between The passion between them had cooled. | ~ for his all-consuming passion for her

PHRASES a night of passion They spent a night of passion in a hotel. | the object of sb's passion the young girl who was the object of his passion

2 strong feeling

ADJ. considerable, great, high, real a woman of great passion There were moments of high passion in the game.

VERB + PASSION have A writer should have passion. | arouse, rouse This issue always arouses passion.

PREP. with ~ He argued his case with great passion.

PHRASES a crime of passion She killed her husband's lover in a crime of passion. | full of passion a speech full of passion

3 strong liking for/interest in sth

ADJ. all-consuming, consuming, great, real | abiding, genuine, lifelong his lifelong passion for aeroplanes

VERB + PASSION develop, have | share They shared a passion for food. | indulge She had very little time to indulge her passion for painting.

PREP. ~ for He developed a real passion for acting.

You can also check other dicts: passion (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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