passport noun

ADJ. valid | false, forged | EU, Mexican, French, etc. | visitor's

VERB + PASSPORT apply for | renew | get, obtain | be in possession of, carry, have, hold, travel on The police think the smugglers are travelling on Irish passports. | give sb, issue sb (with) | hand sb, produce, show (sb) You have to show your passport at the border. | surrender The Embassy made him surrender his passport. | ask for | check | stamp | hand back/over He examined my face carefully before handing back my passport. | confiscate, seize

PASSPORT + VERB be valid | expire

PASSPORT + NOUN number, photo, photograph | holder | Agency, Office | control We had to queue for ages at passport control.

PREP. ~ into (figurative) The gold medal is his passport into professional boxing. | ~ to (figurative) Good qualifications are a passport to success.

PHRASES a full British/French, etc. passport (= one showing that sb has all the rights of British/French, etc. citizenship)

You can also check other dicts: passport (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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