patient adj.

VERBS be, sound | remain

ADV. extremely, incredibly, very | endlessly

PREP. about She's been extremely patient about it all. | with He was endlessly patient with the children.

patient noun

ADJ. Aids, cancer, diabetic, heart, etc. | mental, mentally-ill, psychiatric | seriously-ill, terminally-ill | hospital | long-stay | private He only takes private patients. | elderly, older | adult, child

VERB + PATIENT examine, see, treat A GP sees an average of 35 patients every day. | admit The patient was admitted to hospital yesterday. | discharge patients waiting to be discharged from hospital | transfer

PATIENT + VERB develop sth, have sth, suffer from sth The patient has a severe mental condition. | respond (to sth) These patients are responding well to the new drug. | improve


PREP. ~ with patients with liver disease

You can also check other dicts: patient (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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