phone noun

ADJ. cellular, cordless, mobile, portable | car | pay (also payphone), public There's a public payphone in reception. | office, private

VERB + PHONE be on She's on the phone at the moment. | use Can I use your phone? | answer, get (informal), lift, pick up If the phone rings, don't answer it. Can you get the phone? | hang up, put down, replace I hung up the phone when he started shouting at me. | slam down She slammed the phone down in a rage. | be wanted on Mum, you're wanted on the phone. | call sb to He was called to the phone just as he was leaving. | connect | disconnect | bug, tap I think our phone is being tapped. | wait by She waits by the phone all day but he doesn't ring. | leave/take off the hook I couldn't get through because you'd left the phone off the hook.

PHONE + VERB ring | be engaged His phone is engaged. | be off the hook | go dead The phone suddenly went dead in the middle of our conversation.

PHONE + NOUN number | book | bill | call, conversation, message | card (also phonecard) | company, network, service | booth, box | line The modem links the computer to a phone line.

PREP. by ~ We keep in contact by phone but we rarely see each other. | on the ~ We spoke on the phone the other day. | over the ~ I haven't seen her but we spoke over the phone.

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