pin noun

ADJ. drawing, safety, tie | brass, bronze, diamond, metal, steel

VERB + PIN drive in, stick in The map had a lot of little pins stuck into it. | remove

pin verb

1 fasten sth with a pin

ADV. carefully She carefully pinned the two pieces of cloth together. | firmly | back, on, together, up Her hair was pinned back. pictures pinned up on the walls

PREP. onto The poster had been pinned onto a large wooden board. | to Maps were pinned to the walls.

PHRASES pin sth in place

2 hold sb in one position

ADV. helplessly | down He was pinned down on the floor.

PREP. against He pinned her against the wall. | behind His arms were pinned behind his back. | to She was pinned helplessly to the desk. PHRASAL VERBS pin sth down

ADV. precisely The difference between the two approaches is hard to pin down precisely.

VERB + PIN be difficult to, be hard to

You can also check other dicts: pin (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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