plain adj.

1 simple/not decorated

VERBS be, look, seem

ADV. extremely, very | absolutely, completely The dress was absolutely plain, but quite stunning. | fairly, quite, rather The food was fairly plain, but well cooked.

PHRASES plain blue, white, etc. a plain white shirt

2 not beautiful

VERBS be, look

ADV. extremely, very She looked very plain and dowdy. | rather a rather plain woman

3 clear

VERBS be, seem | become | make sth They made it plain that they were against the idea.

ADV. very | absolutely, perfectly, quite Within weeks, it became perfectly plain that we were in the grip of a tyrant. | increasingly | fairly, pretty, reasonably

PREP. to It is all quite plain to me.

plain noun

ADJ. open The horses galloped across the open plains. | rolling, sweeping miles of rolling plain, made fertile by the river | great, unbroken, vast | flat | fertile fertile plains suitable for farming | grassy | coastal

PREP. across a/the ~ Cattle move freely across the grassy plain. | in a/the ~ the Olduvai Gorge in the vast plain of Tanzania | on a/the ~ Nothing grew on the plain.

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