pollution noun

ADJ. air, atmospheric, environmental, marine, river, water | chemical, industrial, nuclear | lead, nitrate, noise, oil, ozone, sewage, vehicle, etc. | airborne

VERB + POLLUTION cause | avoid, prevent | combat, control, fight, tackle a convention on combating atmospheric pollution | cut, limit, minimize, reduce The summit ended with a joint pledge to limit pollution. | monitor

POLLUTION + NOUN level | abatement, control, prevention, reduction | limits | standards a tightening of water pollution standards | monitoring | inspectorate, watchdog a survey by the government's water pollution watchdog | incident, problem | laws, legislation, regulations | offence | sources The computer model assesses the likely impact of new pollution sources.

PHRASES the cost of pollution the cost of air pollution in health and other terms | a risk of pollution Environmentalists say there is a high risk of pollution from the landfill site. | a source of pollution

You can also check other dicts: pollution (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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