position noun

1 place

ADJ. correct, exact | central | geographical | military, strategic | defensive

VERB + POSITION take (up) The guards took up their positions on either side of the door. | jostle for Hordes of journalists jostled for position outside the conference hall. | play (sport) What position does he play?

PREP. in ~ Fix the pieces in position before gluing them together | into ~ Please get into position. | out of ~ Nakata had to play out of position when the defender was injured.

2 way of sitting, standing, etc.

ADJ. comfortable, uncomfortable | crouched, kneeling, sitting | sleeping | horizontal, vertical | foetal


3 situation

ADJ. business, economic, financial, legal | dominant, impregnable, strong | favourable, good, ideal, perfect | envious, invidious | competitive | precarious, vulnerable, weak | awkward, difficult, embarrassing, impossible | current, present | bargaining, negotiating | trading the trading position of the British economy

VERB + POSITION achieve, attain, reach It has taken years to achieve the position we are now in. | put sb in It put me in an awkward position when he asked me to keep a secret. | strengthen Their obvious desperation strengthens our bargaining position.

PREP. in a/the ~ We may be in a position to help you. I was in the embarrassing position of having completely forgotten her name. | ~ of

4 opinion

ADJ. extreme | ideological, philosophical, political, theoretical | official The country's official position is that there is no famine in the area.

VERB + POSITION adopt, take | defend

PREP. ~ on He took an extreme position on religious matters.

5 rank

ADJ. first, second, etc. | dominant, high, important, influential, pre-eminent | inferior, lowly They occupy a lowly position in society. | privileged, secure | social

VERB + POSITION establish, gain, secure | hold, occupy

PREP. ~ among/amongst This latest novel confirms herpre-eminent position amongst today's writers. | ~ in The firm gained a dominant position in the market.

PHRASES a position of authority/influence/power

6 job

ADJ. full-time, part-time | key, responsible, senior | junior, menial | official | skilled | administrative, management, managerial

VERB + POSITION have, hold, occupy | apply for | obtain | fill | offer sb | resign

PREP. in a/the ~ How long were you in your previous position? | ~ in/within his new position in the firm | ~ of She was offered the position of sales manager.

position verb (often be positioned)

ADV. firmly The radiologist firmly positioned Phoebe in front of a ferocious-looking machine. | centrally The markers were not positioned centrally. | carefully | correctly | wrongly | favourably, well | ideally, perfectly, uniquely The company is uniquely positioned to compete in foreign markets. | strategically

PREP. at, behind, between, in, in front of, near, on, etc. Police marksmen were positioned on the roof.

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