prejudice noun

ADJ. deep, deep-rooted, deep-seated, strong | blatant | serious, unfair (both law) | personal | old It's hard to break down old prejudices. | blind, irrational | anti-gay, anti-Catholic, etc. | class, cultural, political, racial, religious, sectarian, sexist

VERB + PREJUDICE have, hold We all have prejudices of some kind. | air, express He sat there airing his personal prejudices. | arouse, feed, stir up | appeal to, pander to We must not pander to the irrational prejudices of a small minority. | confirm | come up against, encounter She had never encountered such deep prejudice before. | suffer | challenge | overcome | break down, eliminate, eradicate

PREP. ~ about a book written to challenge prejudices about disabled people | ~ against deep-rooted prejudice against homosexuals | ~ among prejudice among ignorant people | ~ towards prejudice towards immigrants

PHRASES a victim of prejudice

prejudice verb

1 cause sb to have a prejudice

ADV. unfairly

PREP. against, in favour of Reading newspaper reports had unfairly prejudiced the jury in her favour.

2 weaken sth/make it less fair

ADV. seriously, severely, substantially

VERB + PREJUDICE be likely to She did not disclose evidence that was likely to prejudice her client's case

You can also check other dicts: prejudice (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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