print noun

ADJ. large | fine, small Always read the small print in a contract before signing. | clear | bold

PRINT + NOUN journalist, worker | industry, union | run The initial print run for her book was 6,000 copies.

PREP. in ~ All her books are still in print. | out of ~ The shop specializes in out-of-print books.

print verb

ADV. beautifully The book is beautifully printed on good quality paper. | badly | correctly I couldn't get the graphics to print correctly. | clearly | indelibly (figurative) The incident was indelibly printed in her memory. | privately She had the memoir privately printed in a limited edition. | specially We had the T-shirts specially printed with the firm's logo.

PREP. from printing from a file | in The message was printed in blue ink. | on a leaflet printed on recycled paper | with a dress printed with blue flowers

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