profit noun

ADJ. big, fat, good, greater, handsome, healthy, high, huge, large, record, substantial, tidy | low, modest, small They closed down after years of low profits. | excess | lost, unrealized Damaged goods mean lost profit. | realized | quick He's only interested in making a quick profit. | gross, pre-tax | after/post-tax, clear, net | taxable | interim, short-term | annual an annual profit of £50,000 | first-quarter, full-year, half-year, second-quarter, etc. | corporate, group | operating, trading

VERB + PROFIT bring (in), earn, generate, make, realize, reap, yield The CD generated record profits. | boost, increase | maximize | show The company started to show a profit in its first year.

PROFIT + VERB grow, increase, rise | fall, plummet, plunge | accrue, arise profits accruing to the taxpayer from the sale of property

PROFIT + NOUN margin, rate

PREP. against ~s The firm made losses of 500,000 against profits of 750,000. | at a ~ We should be able to sell the piano at a profit. | for ~ The goods were sold for profit. | ~ on Did you make a profit on your house when you sold it?

PHRASES a decline/fall in profits, an increase/a rise in profits, profit after/before tax Profit before tax increased by 40% on last year. > Note at PERCENT (for more verbs) > Special page at BUSINESS

You can also check other dicts: profit (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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