program noun

ADJ. computer, software | analysis, database, design, desktop publishing, drawing, graphics, image-editing, page make-up, simulation, spreadsheet, video-editing, word-processing, etc. | shareware

VERB + PROGRAM run, use | design, develop, write a program designed to evaluate road safety measures | download, execute, install, load | uninstall | copy

PROGRAM + VERB crash I lost half a morning's work when the program crashed. | allow sth This program allows you to edit and catalogue digital photographs. | contain sth The program contains powerful new features. | provide sth This program provides everything you need to prepare your own publication. | require sth This program requires at least 24Mb of RAM. | create sth The program creates simulations of real-life driving conditions. | operate, run | close


PREP. in a/the ~ There may be a bug in the program. | ~ for a program for debugging > Special page at COMPUTER

You can also check other dicts: program (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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