proposal noun

1 plan

ADJ. concrete | detailed | controversial | compromise | peace, reform, research, etc.

QUANT. package, set The government outlined a new set of proposals on human rights.

VERB + PROPOSAL formulate | outline | bring forward, make, put forward, submit | accept, back, support, welcome I welcome the proposal to reduce taxes for the poorly paid. | block, oppose, reject, vote against | push through The government could face defeat if it tries to push through the controversial proposals. | drop, withdraw | consider, discuss

PREP. ~ concerning/relating to proposals concerning the use of land | ~ for The Ministry submitted a proposal for lower speed limits on motorways. > Special page at MEETING

2 offer of marriage

VERB + PROPOSAL make | receive | accept She accepted his proposal of marriage. | turn down

PHRASES a proposal of marriage

You can also check other dicts: proposal (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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