purpose noun

1 aim/function

ADJ. limited | chief, main, primary, prime, principal | true | sole | practical, useful These bars serve no useful purpose. | general a general-purpose cleaning fluid | common a group of individuals sharing a common purpose | particular, special, specific | dual a toy with the dual purpose of entertaining and developing memory skills | stated | social the view that art should serve a social purpose

VERB + PURPOSE have | lack | accomplish, achieve, fulfil, serve The scheme achieved its primary purpose, if nothing else.

PREP. for a/the ~ I put the chair there for a purpose. a measure introduced for the purpose of protecting the interests of investors | on ~ (= intentionally) He slammed the door on purpose.

PHRASES at cross purposes (= not understanding or having the same aims, etc. as each other) I finally realized that we were talking at cross purposes. | for/with the express purpose of sth The school was founded with the express purpose of teaching deaf children to speak. | for (all) practical purposes Nominally she is the secretary, but for all practical purposes she runs the place. | purpose-built The cycling events will take place in a purpose-built 20,000-seater stadium. | your purpose in life She saw being a doctor as her purpose in life. | put/use sth to (a/some) purpose The old mill has been put to good purpose. | a sense of purpose Encouraged by her example, they all set to work with a fresh sense of purpose. | strength of purpose They had great confidence and strength of purpose.

2 purposes: requirements of a particular situation

ADJ. administrative, business, commercial, domestic, educational, insurance, legal, medical, medicinal, political, research, tax, teaching You will need to have the vehicle valued for insurance purposes.

PREP. for … ~ The drug can be sold for medicinal purposes only. | for the ~s of Let's assume he knows, for the purposes of our argument.

You can also check other dicts: purpose (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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