quality noun

1 how good/bad sth is

ADJ. excellent, good, high, outstanding, superior, top All our cakes are made with top quality ingredients. | inferior, low, poor | variable | product, service | recording, sound | air, water | artistic, technical

VERB + QUALITY maintain | enhance, improve, raise | affect, impair, reduce | assess, determine, evaluate, monitor, test

QUALITY + VERB improve | suffer When costs are cut product quality suffers.

QUALITY + NOUN control | assurance | standards

PREP. of … ~ The photos are of variable quality.

PHRASES quality of life Advances in technology would, it was hoped, improve the quality of life.

2 characteristic

ADJ. admirable, desirable, fine, good, great, positive, valuable | negative | redeeming I found him thoroughly unpleasant, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. | individual, personal | inborn, inherent, innate, intrinsic | distinctive, particular, special, unique | elusive, rare a singer with that elusive quality that sells records | essential, important | aesthetic, artistic, literary | moral | mental, psychological | feminine, masculine | leadership, managerial | aphrodisiac, medicinal

VERB + QUALITY have | display, show

You can also check other dicts: quality (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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