rain noun

ADJ. driving, heavy, lashing, pouring, torrential | steady | fine, gentle, light, patchy The fine rain turned to mist in the early evening. The forecast is for wind and patchy rain. | warm | cold | constant, continuous, persistent | intermittent | overnight Overnight rain had freshened up the garden. | monsoon, tropical The monsoon rains started early this year. | autumn, spring, etc.

QUANT. drop, spot A few spots of rain had fallen. | inch, shower, spot (informal) We had three inches of rain last night. We could do with a spot of rain.

VERB + RAIN forecast Rain is forecast for tomorrow. | look like, threaten It looks like rain (= it looks as though it is going to rain). Black clouds threatened rain. | pour with It poured with rain all afternoon. | get caught in We got caught in the rain on the way home.

RAIN + VERB beat, come down, drip, drum, fall, lash, patter, pelt, pour down, splash, trickle Rain beat against the window all night. Rain dripped down his collar. | come, set in, start The rain came just as we set off. The rain had set in steadily by the time we got home. | cease, let up, stop The rain didn't let up all day. | continue The rain continued for most of the day. | threaten With rain threatening, we headed home as fast as we could. | drive sb The rain drove the players off the court.

RAIN + NOUN cloud, water

PREP. in the ~ We found her sitting in the pouring rain. | out of the ~ Come in out of the rain. | through the ~ We drove slowly through the driving rain.

rain verb

ADV. hard, heavily | a little, slightly | incessantly, non-stop, solidly, steadily It's been raining solidly for an hour now. It rained incessantly for the whole two weeks.

VERB + RAIN begin to, start to | be going to I don't think it's going to rain.

PHRASES start/stop raining

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