read noun

1 activity of reading

ADJ. good | quiet

VERB + READ have I had a good read of the paper before they arrived.

2 writer/book

ADJ. compelling, good, great, interesting

VERB + READ be, make The story made an interesting read.

read verb

ADV. aloud listening to children reading aloud | silently | carefully, with interest He read her letter with interest. | avidly, voraciously She read avidly from an early age?books, magazines, anything. | out Shall I read this out to you?

VERB + READ be able to, can/could Most children can read by the age of seven. | learn (how) to | teach sb (how) to

PREP. about Hogan had read about her death in the papers. | from She read from the letter. | of I had read of the case in the local newspaper. | through I read through the first paragraph again. | to I read a story to my son every night.

PHRASES read and write She had great difficulty learning to read and write.

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