receiver noun

1 part of a telephone

ADJ. phone, telephone

VERB + RECEIVER lift, pick up She took a deep breath and lifted the receiver off its hook. | hold | put back/down, replace | snatch up | bang down, slam down He slammed the receiver down and burst into tears. | drop

RECEIVER + VERB dangle The receiver was dangling from the payphone.

PREP. over the ~ ‘It's your mother on the phone again!’, said John with his hand over the receiver.

PHRASES hold/put the receiver to your ear She picked up the receiver and put it to her ear.

2 piece of radio/television equipment

ADJ. portable | radio, satellite, television

RECEIVER + NOUN unit To change channel, select the desired number on the receiver unit.

3 person in charge of a bankrupt company

ADJ. official | administrative

VERB + RECEIVER appoint, appoint sb (as) | call in They had to lay off 200 staff and call in the receivers.

PHRASES in the hands of the receiver The company remained in the hands (= under the control) of the receiver.

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