reception noun

1 area in a building

VERB + RECEPTION wait (for sb) in Please wait for me downstairs in reception. | leave sth at/with I've left the keys at reception. | report to All delegates should report to reception on arrival. | phone, ring

RECEPTION + NOUN area | counter, desk | hall | staff

PREP. at (the) ~ The man at reception says there's a call for you. | in ~ The documents are in reception. | on ~ I've been on reception (= working at the reception desk) the whole morning.

2 formal party

ADJ. big, large | intimate, small | formal | informal | official | special | evening | civic, diplomatic, press, wedding | buffet, champagne, sherry, wine

VERB + RECEPTION attend | give, have, hold, host Are you having a big reception after the wedding? | organize | invite sb to Friends and family are invited to a reception after the ceremony.

PREP. at a/the ~ We met at a reception. | ~ for a reception for the Japanese trade delegation

3 type of welcome given to sb/sth

ADJ. enthusiastic, favourable, friendly, good, great, marvellous, positive, rapturous, rousing, sympathetic, warm | lukewarm, mixed | bad, chilly, cool, frosty, hostile | critical critical reception to a movie | public

VERB + RECEPTION enjoy, get, have, meet (with), receive The returning soldiers enjoyed a rousing reception. The scheme has had a somewhat mixed reception from local people. | expect The managers did not expect a sympathetic reception from the striking workers. | give sb/sth She was given a rapturous reception by the crowd.

RECEPTION + NOUN party A reception party of soldiers was there to greet the visiting head of state. | centre a reception centre for children who have run away from home

PREP. ~ by the book's reception by reviewers | ~ from a cool reception from the crowd | ~ into reception into the monastic order | ~ to the positive reception to the Chancellor's speech

4 quality of radio/television signals

ADJ. good, strong Television reception is very good in this area. | bad, poor, weak | radio, television

You can also check other dicts: reception (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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