recording noun

ADJ. excellent, fine, good | accurate, careful, detailed a detailed recording of facts | complete a complete recording of Mozart's piano sonatas | last, later/latest, new, recent the band's latest recording | modern | early, old | original to enhance the quality of the original recording | pirate | commercial one of the first commercial recordings of the artist | professional | live, studio | audio, video | cassette, tape | analogue, digital | mono, stereo | electrical, magnetic The principles of magnetic recording have been around for a long time. | music, sound before the invention of sound recording | orchestral, piano, etc. | test

VERB + RECORDING make (sb) Make a few test recordings before you start the session in earnest. | play (sb), play (sb) back I want to play you a recording of the rehearsal. | hear, listen to | view, watch

RECORDING + VERB give sth, show sth The recording gives an account of his kidnapping. | sound … The recording sounds just like a live performance.

RECORDING + NOUN process | session | facilities, studio | device, equipment, system | engineer | artist | career The clarinet player has launched her recording career. | contract, deal | company | industry

PREP. ~ by a recording by the Amadeus Quartet

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