refinement noun

1 improvement to/on sth; process of improving sth

ADJ. considerable, great A greater refinement of the categorization is possible. | extra, further | continuous, endless All programs have bugs and need endless refinement. | useful It is possible to add a few useful refinements to the basic system. | technical | modern

QUANT. degree

VERB + REFINEMENT need, require The technology requires a great deal of refinement. | add, introduce

PREP. ~ in a refinement in the masonry | ~ on a refinement on previous methods | ~ to to add a further refinement to the computer system

2 being polite/well educated; clever in design

ADJ. great a woman of great refinement and beauty

VERB + REFINEMENT lack The kite was star shaped and lacked the refinement of current designs.

PREP. ~ in a lack of refinement in engine design

PHRASES a lack of refinement

You can also check other dicts: refinement (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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