registration noun

ADJ. full | limited | formal | compulsory | civil civil registration of births | birth, death | student, voter | car, company, land, trademark, vehicle | VAT

VERB + REGISTRATION require | be exempt from Certain charities are exempt from VAT registration. | be eligible for, qualify for You should be eligible for registration as a student member. | apply for, seek | obtain | grant sb Under the new regulation we can grant full registration to foreign lawyers. | refuse sb | renew | cancel


REGISTRATION + NOUN requirement a failure to comply with the registration requirements | period | procedure, process | scheme, system | records I traced my family history using the civil registration records. | form | book, card, document | number I gave the registration number of the robbers' car to the police. | plate The police are looking for a large black saloon with German registration plates. | officer | fee

PREP. on ~ You will receive a free CD on registration with the club. | ~ as registration as a political party | ~ by the registration of the vehicle by the appropriate authority | ~ with Registration with the council is compulsory.

PHRASES an application for registration, a certificate of registration

You can also check other dicts: registration (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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