reliance noun

ADJ. complete, total | considerable, great, heavy, strong Too heavy a reliance on a particular market may be dangerous for the company. | excessive, undue | misplaced | continued, continuing | growing, increasing | increased | reduced | self

QUANT. degree a high degree of reliance on newspaper reports

VERB + RELIANCE place I don't think you should place too much reliance on these figures. | act in (law) | increase | reduce | eliminate the means by which individuals might reduce or eliminate reliance on the state | encourage They believe that modern farming techniques encourage an excessive reliance on harmful chemicals. | lead to

PREP. in ~ on/upon (law) He acted in complete reliance on the account of a couple of eyewitnesses. | ~ on/upon the increased reliance of the university on private funds

You can also check other dicts: reliance (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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