remains noun

ADJ. abundant, considerable, extensive, substantial abundant remains of marine algae the extensive remains of a medieval abbey | impressive | fragmentary | visible | existing, surviving | ancient, prehistoric | Greek, Roman, etc. | battered, mangled, shattered the mangled remains of the bomber's van | burnt(-out), charred, smouldering | earthly, human, mortal This tomb holds the mortal remains of King Richard III. | animal, archaeological, fossil/fossilized, organic, plant, skeletal

VERB + REMAINS discover, find, locate, reveal, uncover, unearth While excavating the site for a new hotel, workers unearthed the remains of several dinosaurs. | identify The remains have been identified as those of a Mr Thomas, who lived in Richmond. | excavate, exhume, remove They are excavating the remains of an Iron Age settlement. Marie Curie's remains were exhumed and interred in the Pantheon. | bury, inter | dump | destroy Environmentalists say that the road will destroy the remains of the world's first commercial railway. | feed on The ivory gull often follows polar bears to feed on the remains of seal kills.

REMAINS + VERB survive Considerable remains survive of the great city walls begun by Theodosius in AD 413. | lie Her remains lie at rest in St Andrew's churchyard. | date from … The burnt-out remains date from the 13th century.

PREP. among/in the ~ The body was found among the remains of a burnt-out cottage.

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