repair noun

ADJ. considerable, extensive, major | minor | essential, necessary, vital | emergency, immediate, urgent | quick, rapid | constant | temporary | running The rally drivers carried small tool-kits for making running repairs. | building, house/housing, roof, structural | car, motorway, road, vehicle | electrical, TV | shoe

VERB + REPAIR carry out, do, make | complete It is unlikely that the repairs will be completed on time. | be in need of, need, require | be closed for The museum is currently closed for structural repairs. | undergo The highway is undergoing major repairs.

REPAIR + VERB cost sth

REPAIR + NOUN work | job The damage meant a nine-month repair job. | bill, cost | centre, facility, garage, shop, yard a repair yard for fishing boats | man Why don't you get a TV repair man to have a look at it before you buy a new one? | kit

PREP. beyond ~ The gearbox was damaged beyond repair. | under ~ We were given a courtesy car to use while our car was under repair. | ~ to to carry out repairs to the railway track

PHRASES a backlog of repairs Investment is needed to reduce the backlog of repairs. | in good/poor repair The tools are old but in good repair. | keep sth in (good) repair As a tenant you are required to keep the house in good repair. | repair and maintenance They are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the buildings. | a … state of repair The barn was in a poor state of repair.

repair verb

ADV. properly, successfully Most of the damage has now been successfully repaired. | poorly | extensively | completely | partially | quickly | regularly

VERB + REPAIR try to | help (to) Natural vitamins in the shampoo will help repair damaged hair.

PHRASES the cost of repairing sth They estimate the cost of repairing the damaged roads at £1 million. | have sth repaired I'm having my car repaired next week.

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