requirement noun

ADJ. absolute There's no absolute requirement to disclose your age. | important, key, main, prime | essential, fundamental An open system of criminal justice is a fundamental requirement of any democratic society. | demanding, strict, stringent | detailed | exact, precise | reasonable | basic | minimum | additional, further | general | special | particular, specific | individual, personal | annual, daily your daily requirement of vitamin C | constitutional, contractual, formal, legal, legislative, mandatory, procedural, regulatory, statutory | business, commercial | borrowing The public sector borrowing requirement is expected to rise. | client, customer, market | academic, course, curriculum, educational, entrance, entry | technical | environmental, safety | visa | dietary, nutritional patients with special dietary requirements | energy, food, housing, information, labour, manpower

VERB + REQUIREMENT comply with, fulfil, meet, satisfy, suit We can arrange a holiday to meet your requirements exactly. | impose, lay down, set (down/out) The government has imposed strict safety requirements on fairground rides. | relax, waive to relax university entrance requirements

PREP. for your ~ We grow enough vegetables for our own requirements. | to your ~ Our conservatories and porches can be designed to your exact requirements. | ~ for Large buildings have specific requirements for fire-brigade access.

PHRASES subject to (the) requirements The school can decide which pupils will be given priority of admission, subject to the requirements of the law. | surplus to requirements (= more than is needed) 300 workers at the factory have been told they are surplus to requirements.

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