research noun

ADJ. detailed, in-depth, painstaking | extensive He has carried out extensive research into renewable energy sources. | basic | original | further | ground-breaking, pioneering pioneering research into skin disease | collaborative | empirical | academic, clinical, historical, medical, military, scientific, social, space | AIDS, cancer, etc. | animal calling for a ban on animal research | market

QUANT. piece a startling piece of historical research

VERB + RESEARCH carry out, conduct, do, undertake She's doing research on Czech music between the wars. | be based on One paper based on research conducted at Oxford suggested that the drug may cause brain damage.

RESEARCH + VERB demonstrate sth, indicate sth, prove sth, reveal sth, show sth, suggest sth What have their researches shown? | produce sth, yield sth Recent research on deaf children has produced some interesting findings about their speech.

RESEARCH + NOUN degree | effort, programme, project, work directing the group's research effort | methods | findings, results | purposes Copies of the tape can be made for research purposes. | centre, institute, laboratory | assistant, group, student, team, worker | grant

PREP. ~ in Most research in the field has concentrated on the effects on children. | ~ into/on They are carrying out research into the natural flow patterns of water.

PHRASES an area of research, research and development spending on military research and development

research verb

ADV. carefully, exhaustively, extensively, fully, meticulously, properly, thoroughly, well | poorly The book has been poorly researched.

PREP. for She is currently researching for her next novel. | into I spent two years carefully researching into his background.

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