reserve noun

1 supply of sth available to be used in the future

ADJ. great, huge, large, substantial, vast | sufficient | low, small | existing | additional | last It took my last reserves of strength and will to swim to the lifeboat. | untapped The region is thought to have some of the world's largest untapped oil reserves. | hidden She had hidden reserves of courage. | capital, cash, contingency, currency, financial, foreign currency/exchange, gold, international In the face of a severe crisis relating to international reserves, the government devalued the currency twice. | coal, energy, gas, oil | timber | food | fat The birds build up fat reserves to help them survive the winter.

VERB + RESERVE have We have only a small reserve of coal. | hold sth in, leave sth in, keep sth in The crack troops were held in reserve behind the front line. | dig into, dip into, draw on/upon, tap, use He had to draw on reserves of strength just to finish the race. | call on/up/upon, summon (up) her ability to summon up reserves of concentration and energy | build (up) | deplete, exhaust The company has depleted its reserves to make the purchase. | pay sth out of The dividend had to be paid out of reserves. | take

RESERVE + VERB be available | dwindle, fall

RESERVE + NOUN currency, funds | tank The plane was fitted with fuel reserve tanks for long-distance flights.

PREP. in ~ The rail company has two trains in service and one in reserve.

2 protected area for plants/animals, etc.

ADJ. national | bird, forest, game, natural/nature, wildlife

VERB + RESERVE create, establish

3 quality/feeling

ADJ. deep, strong | natural They made him feel at ease, despite his natural reserve.

PREP. with ~ Any contract should be treated with reserve until it has been checked. | without ~ She trusted him without reserve (= completely).

4 extra player; second team

VERB + RESERVE play in He will continue to train and may play in the reserves next season.

RESERVE + NOUN side, team | goalkeeper, striker, etc. | game, match

5 extra military force

ADJ. army | strategic | volunteer

RESERVE + NOUN force, police

reserve verb

ADV. exclusively, expressly, specially, specifically, strictly The star has a ski slope reserved exclusively for her. | normally, usually a ceremony normally reserved for heads of state

PREP. for The car park is reserved for customers only.

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