resolution noun

1 formal decision taken after a vote

ADJ. draft | formal | joint a joint US-British resolution | unanimous | ordinary | emergency, special | compromise | affirmative, negative (both law) An affirmative resolution of both Houses of Parliament is needed. | Security Council, UN, etc.

VERB + RESOLUTION draft | propose, put forward, table | vote on | adopt, agree, approve, carry, pass The resolution was carried unanimously. | block, reject

RESOLUTION + VERB be aimed at sth, call for sth The resolution called for the resumption of negotiations. | declare sth, proclaim sth a resolution declaring independence | approve sth, authorize sth The assembly adopted a resolution approving the scheme. | condemn sth a resolution condemning the invasion

PREP. under (a/the) ~ weapons banned under Resolution 687 | ~ on The General Assembly rejected the resolution on the subject of arms control. > Special page at MEETING

2 settling a dispute

ADJ. early, quick, rapid | final, ultimate | peaceful Hopes of a peaceful resolution to the conflict were fading. | satisfactory, successful | conflict, dispute methods of conflict resolution

VERB + RESOLUTION require | press for The government is pressing for an early resolution of the hostage crisis. | achieve, reach

PREP. ~ to the likelihood of achieving a satisfactory resolution to the problem

3 being firm and determined

ADJ. great

VERB + RESOLUTION have | show She showed great resolution in her dealings with management. | lack

4 firm decision to do/not to do sth

ADJ. firm, good | New Year/New Year's

VERB + RESOLUTION make I made a New Year resolution to give up smoking. | keep

5 power to give a clear image

ADJ. high high-resolution graphics | low | maximum | screen | pixel a monitor capable of a 1,024 by 768 pixel resolution

You can also check other dicts: resolution (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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