result noun

1 outcome/effect

ADJ. good, positive For the best results buy one of the more expensive brands. | disastrous, unfortunate | direct, indirect | net | inevitable, logical | dramatic, impressive, spectacular, surprising | lasting | desired And did your intervention produce the desired result?

VERB + RESULT have, produce My interference had rather an unfortunate result. | achieve, get, obtain This was not the result we had hoped to achieve.

PREP. as a/the ~ These actions were taken as a direct result of the strike. | with a/the ~ Parking restrictions were lifted, with the result that the road is permanently blocked by cars.

2 desired effect

ADJ. concrete, tangible We have yet to see any concrete results from the research.

VERB + RESULT come up with, get, produce | give, show When is all your effort going to show some results?

3 final position in a competition

ADJ. election | football, racing, etc.

VERB + RESULT announce, read out The announcer was reading out the football results.

4 (often results) mark given for an examination

ADJ. encouraging, good | disappointing, poor | exam, examination | A-level, degree, etc.

VERB + RESULT get, have When do you get your exam results?

5 of an experiment, a medical test, an investigation, etc.

ADJ. interim, preliminary | experimental, research | test, X-ray | referendum, survey

VERB + RESULT wait for The doctor is still waiting for my results. | get, have, receive I haven't had the X-ray results yet. | analyse, evaluate | present, publish They hope to publish their results next month. | give, yield All three methods yielded identical results.

RESULT + VERB demonstrate sth, indicate sth, reveal sth, show sth, suggest sth Preliminary results suggest that there is no cause for concern. | confirm sth, support sth

PREP. pending the ~(s) of Work on the scheme has been halted, pending the results of a judicial enquiry. | ~ from evaluating the results from various recent surveys

result verb PHRASAL VERBS result in sth

ADV. inevitably This move will inevitably result in the loss of a lot of jobs. | not automatically, not necessarily | easily Complacency could easily result in tragedy. | quickly | eventually

VERB + RESULT can/could, may/might, should, will/would | be expected to, be liable to, be likely/unlikely to Such measures are likely to result in decreased motivation of the workforce.

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