roar noun

ADJ. almighty, deafening, great, loud, mighty The lion let out a great roar. | deep | dull, muffled | hollow | throaty the throaty roar of the engine | background, distant the distant roar of the sea | sudden

VERB + ROAR give, let out | hear

ROAR + VERB go up A mighty roar went up from the crowd as the home team scored.

PREP. above/over the ~ She couldn't make herself heard over the roar of the engines. | with a ~ The car sped off with an almighty roar. | ~ from There was a crash and a roar from the kitchen. | ~ of a roar of applause/laughter > Note at SOUND

You can also check other dicts: roar (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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