ruin noun

1 spoilt state

ADJ. complete, utter

VERB + RUIN fall into, go to The cottage gradually fell into ruin.

PHRASES be the ruin of sb/sth Drink has been the ruin of her. | go to rack and ruin They've let the house go to rack and ruin.

2 end of success, hopes, etc.

ADJ. economic, financial | political

VERB + RUIN face The company faces ruin over the new road plans. | bring, lead to, mean, spell The cost would have meant financial ruin for us. | save from

PHRASES on the brink/verge of ruin, the road to ruin He's on the road to political ruin.

3 damaged building, town, etc.

ADJ. ancient | charred, smoking the charred ruins of their home | abbey, castle, etc.

VERB + RUIN be/lie in ~ The church now lies in ruins. | leave sth in ~ The earthquake left the town in ruins.

PREP. ~s of the ancient ruins of Jericho

ruin verb

ADV. completely, quite, totally The experience has completely ruined her life. | nearly | partly | effectively | financially The long legal battle ruined him financially.

VERB + RUIN threaten to A knee injury threatened to ruin her Olympic hopes. | be going to All this mud is going to ruin my shoes.

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