safeguard noun

ADJ. adequate, effective, proper, sufficient Does the procedure provide adequate safeguards against corruption? | added, additional, extra, further | appropriate, necessary | environmental, nuclear | constitutional, legal, procedural

VERB + SAFEGUARD introduce | provide (sb with) | build in/into sth Appropriate safeguards would have to be built into the procedures to avoid abuses.

PREP. ~ against The credit agreement includes safeguards against overcharging.

safeguard verb

ADV. fully, properly | adequately, satisfactorily This legislation does not adequately safeguard the rights of consumers.

VERB + SAFEGUARD help (to) | be designed to | take steps to

PREP. against We must take steps to safeguard our environment against these threats. | from to safeguard the young plants from frost

You can also check other dicts: safeguard (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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