sanction noun

1 official permission

ADJ. official | divine, religious

VERB + SANCTION give sb/sth The conference gave its official sanction to the change of policy.

PREP. with/without sb/sth's ~ No decision can be taken without the sanction of the complete committee.

2 punishment

ADJ. heavy, severe, strict | final, ultimate | effective | limited | available The school will use all available sanctions to maintain discipline. | civil, criminal, disciplinary | legal, penal, social

VERB + SANCTION impose | use

PREP. ~ against There were strict sanctions against absenteeism. | ~ for Employers imposed heavy sanctions for union activity.

3 (usually sanctions) against a country

ADJ. punitive | international, UN | economic, financial, military, trade

VERB + SANCTION impose | lift | break Some companies have broken sanctions by supplying arms to the warring states. | call for

SANCTION + NOUN order The company is in breach of a sanctions order. | busting Several firms were under investigation for sanctions busting.

PREP. ~ against The UN called for sanctions against the invading country.

PHRASES the imposition of sanctions, the lifting of sanctions, a threat of sanctions

sanction verb

ADV. officially | legally, socially Slavery was once socially sanctioned. | tacitly He had tacitly sanctioned repression against the opposition parties.

VERB + SANCTION refuse to

You can also check other dicts: sanction (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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