say verb

ADV. aloud, out loud | loudly | gently, quietly, softly | gruffly, huskily, thickly | at once | at last, at length, finally | again, repeatedly | simply ‘I am home, ’ he said simply. | hastily, hurriedly, promptly, quickly | slowly | steadily | abruptly, suddenly | briskly, curtly, shortly, tersely | angrily, bitterly, crossly, fiercely, furiously, sharply ‘I don't know,’ she said crossly. | bluntly, flatly | firmly | harshly, sternly | brightly, cheerfully, happily | miserably, sadly | gravely, grimly, seriously, solemnly | airily, casually, easily, lightly, smoothly ‘There's nothing wrong with him, ’ she said airily. | stiffly, tightly | proudly | carefully, thoughtfully | conversationally | calmly, evenly, mildly | patiently | impatiently | ungraciously | politely | soothingly | apologetically | awkwardly, lamely | drily, tartly | coldly, coolly, icily | breathlessly | absently, vaguely | honestly, truthfully Can you honestly say you're sorry?

VERB + SAY be about to, be going to I've forgotten what I was going to say. | hasten to | long to, want to I want to say how much we have all enjoyed this evening. | hate to I hate to say it, but I think Stephen may be right. | dare (to) I dared not say a word about it to anyone. | suffice (it) to Suffice it to say, I refused to get involved. | be fair to It is fair to say a considerable amount of effort went into the project. | be untrue to | have nothing to, have something to Be quiet, I have something to say. | hear sb, overhear sb I heard him say they were leaving tomorrow.

PREP. about Do you have anything to say about this? | to That's not what he said to me.

PHRASES be quoted as saying sth The minister was quoted as saying that the government would do whatever was necessary to restore order. | a thing to say That was a very cruel thing to say.

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