score noun

1 in a game, competition, etc.

ADJ. big, excellent, good, high, perfect, record, top | bad, low, poor | average, mean | close, level The score was close in the final match. | overall, total | final | cricket, football, etc.

VERB + SCORE achieve, finish with, get, have | give (sb) He got round the course in 72, giving him an average score of 70. | make, take A goal in the last few minutes took the score to 4?2. | keep, record I'll keep (the) score. | level, tie Figo levelled the scores with a curling free kick.

SCORE + VERB be, stand at At half-time the score stood at 3?0.

SCORE + NOUN card (also scorecard), chart, sheet Inamoto had a good game but failed to get his name on the score sheet (= failed to score).

PREP. ~ against the best score for years against Italy

2 in a test

ADJ. excellent, good, high, perfect, record, top | bad, low, poor | average, mean | aggregate, overall, total | IQ, test

VERB + SCORE achieve, get, have, obtain | give sb | boost, increase Some scientists claim that vitamins will boost your child's IQ score.

SCORE + VERB range Most ten-year-olds had scores ranging between 50 and 70.

PREP. ~ for She got an unusually low score for creativity.

3 written music

ADJ. full | music/musical | orchestral, piano, vocal the vocal score of ‘The Magic Flute’ | film

VERB + SCORE play, read, write

PREP. in a/the ~ a mistake in the piano score

score verb

1 win points/goals, etc.

ADV. nearly | easily Cunningham broke away and ran some 40 metres to score easily.

VERB + SCORE try to | manage to | fail to, have yet to Peter Walker has yet to score this season. | look likely to Villa always looked the team most likely to score.

PREP. against The England team failed to score against Italy on Saturday. | for She has not yet scored for her new club. | with He scored with a neat header.

PHRASES come close to scoring It was Robertson who came closest to scoring. | open the scoring Zidane opened the scoring in the seventh minute of the game.

2 gain marks in a test

ADV. highly, well In the key area of negotiation, women scored highly.

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