season noun

1 of the year

ADJ. dry, monsoon, rainy, wet In this climate there are no real changes of temperature, just a wet and a dry season. | summer, winter, etc.

VERB + SEASON be in, come into Melons are just coming into season. | be out of, go out of

2 period when an activity takes place

ADJ. holiday, tourist | high, peak The resort gets overcrowded in peak season. | low, off The hotel is almost empty in the off season. | breeding, mating | growing, planting | lambing | cricket, football, hunting, racing, etc. | championship, league | gruelling, hard It was the final race of a hard season. | successful | disappointing, disastrous | close The team trained hard during the close season and won its first five matches. | consecutive, successive Our team won the trophy for the second successive season. | Christmas, festive best wishes for the festive season

SEASON + NOUN ticket Season ticket holders do not have to queue.

PHRASES the height of the season > Note at SEASON

season verb

ADV. well

PREP. with Season the meat well with salt and pepper.

PHRASES highly seasoned highly seasoned food

You can also check other dicts: season (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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