sentiment noun

ADJ. deep, strong | growing, rising | fine, lofty, noble All these noble sentiments have little chance of being put into practice. | national, popular, public | nationalist/nationalistic, patriotic | anti-British, anti-Japanese, etc. | racist | anti-government, anti-war, etc. | moral, religious The people are renowned for their deep religious sentiment.

VERB + SENTIMENT express | agree with, echo, endorse, share He agrees with the sentiments expressed in the editorial. | disagree with | arouse


PREP. ~s about/on It would be a mistake to ignore their strong sentiments on the issue. | ~ against The killings at the weekend helped arouse popular sentiment against the organization. | ~ in favour of public sentiment in favour of state ownership

PHRASES my sentiments exactly (= I agree) ‘I don't see why we should change our plans just because of him.’ ‘My sentiments exactly.’

You can also check other dicts: sentiment (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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