service noun

1 system that provides sth the public needs

ADJ. efficient, excellent, good, valuable | adequate | bad, inadequate, poor, terrible | complete, comprehensive, full | standard | basic | reduced | back-up, support | emergency, essential A passer-by called the emergency services (= the ambulance/fire /police services). Essential services (= the supply of water, gas, electricity) will be maintained. | vital providing a vital service to the public | available Find out what services are available in your area. | public | advisory, banking, counselling, financial, information, medical, news, rescue, telephone, etc. | ambulance, diplomatic, fire, foreign, health, intelligence, library, police, postal, prison, probation, prosecution, secret, security, social She works for the social services

VERB + SERVICE offer (sb), provide (sb with) We offer a comprehensive service to home buyers. | operate, run | maintain | guarantee | improve | expand, extend We need to expand this valuable service to other cities. | cut back on, run down This government has systematically run down public services since it took office. | suspend | axe, cut | restore | make use of, use people who use the library service | complain about

SERVICE + VERB improve | deteriorate

SERVICE + NOUN industry, sector

PREP. in/out of ~ (used of buses, trains, etc.)

PHRASES goods and services

2 work of serving a customer

ADJ. efficient, excellent, first-class, first-rate, good, professional, quality | bad, poor, terrible | prompt, quick | slow | friendly, personal | customer | after-sales We offer excellent after-sales service on all our goods. | room If you would like a meal in your room, please call room service.

VERB + SERVICE give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with) Our main concern is to provide quality customer service. | get | guarantee We guarantee first-class service. | complain about complaining about poor service

3 working for a country, company, etc.

ADJ. meritorious, outstanding | faithful | long | active He died on active service. | military, national | domestic a job in domestic service | community, public | voluntary | jury

VERB + SERVICE do All 18-year-old males are required to do a year's military service. | see He saw service during the First World War.

PREP. ~ to service to the community

PHRASES conditions of service

4 work done for sb; help given to sb

ADJ. great, immense, invaluable, valuable | professional

VERB + SERVICE be of, do sb, perform, render May I be of service to you? You have done us a great service. payment for services rendered | offer (sb), provide (sb with) She offered her services as a childminder.

PREP. at your ~ The cabin staff are at your service throughout the flight. | ~s of We need the services of a good lawyer. | ~ to He was given an award for his services to the disabled.

5 the services: the armed forces

ADJ. armed

VERB + SERVICE go into, join Most of the boys went straight into the services.

6 bus, train etc.

ADJ. efficient, good, reliable | fast | frequent, regular | direct | full | limited, reduced We will be operating a reduced service while engineering work takes place. | scheduled changes to scheduled services | bus, coach, ferry, rail, taxi, train, tram, tube, underground

VERB + SERVICE lay on, offer (sb), provide (sb with) Bus companies are planning to lay on extra services. | operate, run | extend, improve | suspend | axe, cut | restore | use | complain about

PREP. in ~ This bus is not in service. | out of ~ | ~ between The company offers direct, fast and frequent services between large towns and cities. | ~ from, ~ to

7 religious ceremony

ADJ. church, religious | funeral, marriage, memorial, etc. | afternoon, evening, morning

VERB + SERVICE attend, go to | hold

service verb

ADV. fully, properly The car was fully serviced last month. | regularly

PHRASES have/get sth serviced You should get all gas appliances regularly serviced.

You can also check other dicts: service (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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