settlement noun

1 agreement

ADJ. early, speedy | final | lasting, long-term | temporary | amicable, friendly, peaceful | just, reasonable, satisfactory | compromise | negotiated | constitutional, diplomatic, financial, political | compensation, divorce, marriage | out-of-court | peace | pay, wage Nurses refused to accept a pay settlement less than the rate of inflation. | dispute

VERB + SETTLEMENT agree, reach Both parties hope to reach an amicable settlement. | negotiate, produce The union has negotiated a temporary settlement. | seek Lawyers are seeking an out-of-court settlement. | offer

PHRASES the terms of the settlement

2 payment of debt, etc.

ADJ. prompt, speedy | early | full full settlement of a debt | cash | debt

PREP. in ~ of a cheque in settlement of the amount owing | under a/the ~ a beneficiary under the settlement

3 place where people have come to live

ADJ. ancient, early | land | agricultural, rural

VERB + SETTLEMENT establish, found The Romans established a settlement on the south shore.

SETTLEMENT + VERB grow up A settlement grew up around the castle.


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