shock noun

1 extreme surprise

ADJ. awful, big, complete, considerable, dreadful, great, major, nasty, real, terrible, tremendous | mild, slight | first, initial Once the initial shock had worn off, I got to like my new hairstyle. | sudden | culture It was a bit of a culture shock when I first came to this country.

VERB + SHOCK come as | feel, get, have She felt shock that he would be capable of such an act. I got a terrible shock when I saw him. | give sb | be in for If you think it's going to be easy you're in for a shock! | die of (informal) I nearly died of shock when your mother appeared. | get over, recover from

PREP. in ~ She looked round in shock. | with a ~ She realized with a sudden shock that she was being followed. | ~ at/on her shock on seeing him with another woman | ~ to This news came as a great shock to me.

PHRASES a bit/something of a shock, quite/rather a shock, a hell of a shock, in a state of shock I think I'm still in a state of shock. | a feeling/sense of shock, the shock of your life (informal), a shock to the system (informal) The low wages came as something of a shock to her system.

2 electric shock

ADJ. massive | mild He gave himself a mild electric shock while changing a light bulb. | electric

VERB + SHOCK get, receive | give sb

3 extreme weakness caused by injury or shock

ADJ. deep | mild | delayed

VERB + SHOCK be in, be suffering from, suffer He was in deep shock after the accident. | go into He had gone into shock and was shaking violently. | be treated for

shock verb

ADV. deeply, really The news had shocked her deeply. | easily He had old-fashioned ideas and was easily shocked.

PREP. into The news shocked her into action.

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