shot noun

1 act of firing a gun

ADJ. fine, good | lucky | random | fatal | warning | first, opening (often figurative) the opening shot in the party election campaign | cannon, gun, pistol, rifle I heard a pistol shot.

QUANT. series, volley A volley of shots rang out.

VERB + SHOT aim | fire, take I took a few more shots at the target, but missed every time.

SHOT + VERB ring out | hit sb/sth, strike sb/sth The shot hit him in the upper chest. | kill sb/sth | miss (sb/sth)

PREP. ~ from a shot from his semi-automatic rifle | ~ to She was killed by a single shot to the head.

2 person who shoots a gun, etc.

ADJ. crack, good, excellent She is a crack shot with a rifle. | bad, poor

3 act of kicking/hitting a ball

ADJ. fine, good, great, superb | poor, wayward | long

VERB + SHOT crack/get in, have, take, try Go on?take another shot. | miss | mishit | block, parry, save The goalkeeper parried his first shot but he scored from the rebound.

SHOT + VERB be on target | go wide, miss My first shot went wide, but my second was right on target.

PREP. ~ at/on Their captain tried a long shot on goal. | ~ from his right-footed shot from outside the penalty area a superb shot from Rivaldo > Special page at SPORT

4 photograph; picture in a film

ADJ. camera | aerial, close-up, long, still, tracking, wide-angle, zoom | location | opening | action, crowd | fashion, publicity | cover

VERB + SHOT get, take I got some great shots of the runners as they crossed the line.

SHOT + VERB show sth a wide-angle shot showing the Houses of Parliament

PREP. ~ from a shot from a low angle | ~ of a publicity shot of the band performing

5 injection of a drug

ADJ. booster

VERB + SHOT give sb | get, have Have you had all your shots for your holiday yet?

PREP. ~ of a shot of penicillin The applause acted on her like a shot of adrenalin.

You can also check other dicts: shot (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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