shudder noun

ADJ. little, slight, small, tiny | deep, exaggerated, great, violent | involuntary

VERB + SHUDDER give She gave a little shudder when she touched his clammy hand. | feel | repress, suppress He repressed a shudder of disgust. | send The sight of the coffin sent a shudder through him

SHUDDER + VERB go/pass/run through sb/sth, rack sb/sth A shudder of pain racked his body.

PREP. with a ~ He remembered that awful moment with a shudder. | ~ of a shudder of relief

shudder verb

ADV. convulsively, uncontrollably, violently | slightly | involuntarily She shuddered involuntarily as he approached her. | inwardly

VERB + SHUDDER make sb The sight of the dead body made them shudder.

PREP. at She shuddered at the memory of school exams. | through A deep sigh shuddered through her body. | with His whole body shuddered with fury.

You can also check other dicts: shudder (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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