sight noun

1 ability to see

ADJ. excellent, good, normal, perfect | defective, failing, poor, weak | long, short

VERB + SIGHT have She has very little sight in her left eye. | lose He's lost the sight of one eye. | save The surgeons battled to save her sight.

SIGHT + VERB deteriorate, fail, go I think my sight is beginning to go.

SIGHT + NOUN test | defects, problems

PHRASES the/your sense of sight

2 act/moment of seeing sth

VERB + SIGHT catch, get, have She suddenly caught sight of the look on her mother's face. We will soon get our first sight of the Statue of Liberty. | keep She kept sight of him in her mirror. | lose

PREP. at the ~ (of) Her knees went weak at the sight of him.

PHRASES at first sight He looked at first sight like an English tourist. | cannot stand/bear the sight of sth (= hate seeing sb/sth) I never could stand the sight of blood. | a clear sight of sth He didn't shoot until he had a clear sight of the goal. | know sb by sight (= to recognize sb without knowing them well), the mere/very sight of sb/sth The mere sight of her sitting there made his heart beat faster. | shoot (sb) on sight (= to shoot sb immediately you see them) Soldiers have been ordered to shoot looters on sight. | sick of the sight of sb/sth We've shared an office for too long and we're sick of the sight of each other.

3 position where sth can be seen

VERB + SIGHT come into Then the towers of the castle came into sight. | disappear from, vanish from She watched until the car disappeared from sight. | hide (sth) from, remove sth from I hid the papers from sight. | keep sth in Keep their car in sight for as long as you can.

PREP. in ~ (often figurative) The end is in sight (= will happen soon). | out of ~ He kept out of sight behind a pillar. | within ~ of The cricket ground was situated within sight of both village pubs.

PHRASES come in sight of sb/sth At last we came in sight of a few houses. | in full sight of sb He tried to break into a car in full sight of a policeman. | in plain sight They waited until the enemy was in plain sight. | your line of sight She was now standing just out of his line of sight. | not let sb/sth out of your sight Whatever you do, don't let them out of your sight!

4 sth that you see

ADJ. common, regular | bizarre, rare, strange, unexpected, unfamiliar, unlikely, unusual | awe-inspiring, awesome, beautiful, breathtaking, fine, impressive, inspiring, magnificent, spectacular, splendid, unforgettable, wonderful | depressing, pathetic, pitiful, sad, sorry He really did look a sorry sight, his hair tangled and his clothing covered in feathers. | ghastly, gruesome, horrifying, terrible, terrifying


PHRASES not a pretty sight I'm not a pretty sight when I get out of bed in the morning. | sights and sounds The sights and sounds of the city distracted her from her work.

5 sights: places of interest

ADJ. famous, historic

VERB + SIGHT see, take in, visit Let's get out of the hotel and see the sights.

6 sights: your aim/expectation

VERB + SIGHT have sb/sth in/within Rossi has the defending champion in her sights in tomorrow's race. | lower, raise After failing to get into university, he lowered his sights and got a job in a shop.

PHRASES set your sights on sth/have your sights set on sth She has her sights set on becoming a writer. | set your sights high/low He says he wants to win the trophy, but I think he's setting his sights too high.

You can also check other dicts: sight (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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