site noun

1 piece of land where a building was/is/will be

ADJ. good, prime | designated, possible, potential, proposed, suitable | building, construction, development | demolition | manufacturing, industrial | factory, hospital, school, etc. | greenfield, protected | 5-acre, 20-acre, etc.

VERB + SITE choose, find, identify, locate, look for | acquire, buy, purchase The local council has recently acquired the site. | clear, prepare The site is being cleared for development. | build (sth) on, develop | occupy The site is presently occupied by offices. | stand near/on The school stands on the site of an ancient settlement.

SITE + VERB belong to sb

PREP. at a/the ~ The factory will be built at a site to the north of the city. | in a/the ~ The hotel is in a prime site overlooking the sea. | on (a/the) ~ Hard hats must be worn on site. He was injured on a building site.

2 place where sth happened or that is used for sth

ADJ. ancient, archaeological, historic/historical | important | sacred | accident, bomb, crash | dump, landfill, (waste) disposal | burial Many of these ancient burial sites were destroyed in the last century. | landing, launch | camp (also campsite), camping, caravan, picnic | breeding, nest/nesting

VERB + SITE visit The president is to visit the crash site later today. | disturb, remove sth from, steal sth from penalties for disturbing archaeological sites

3 on the Internet

ADJ. Internet, web (also website), WWW | free a free site devoted to tropical fish | official the official website of the New York Yankees | chat, home | browse/browsing, search, surf/surfing | destination

VERB + SITE access, browse, search for, visit | build, create, design, set up | host, own

PREP. at ~ At this site you'll find all the latest news and gossip. | in ~ Check out the links in our home site. | ~ about sites about Japan | ~ for the most popular sites for children | ~ on I'm searching for sites on aromatherapy. > Special page at COMPUTER

site verb

ADV. carefully, strategically The fence is strategically sited to prevent anyone getting onto the beach. | conveniently | discreetly | attractively, beautifully The hotel is beautifully sited by a lake in a steep valley. | badly

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