sketch noun

1 quick drawing

ADJ. lightning, quick | rough | preliminary, preparatory | charcoal, ink, pencil, watercolour

VERB + SKETCH do, draw, make

SKETCH + NOUN book, pad | map | plan

PREP. in a/the ~ The family house appears in several of her sketches. | ~ by a series of sketches by John Constable | ~ for to make a sketch for an oil painting | ~ of He did some rough sketches of the costumes. > Note at ART

2 short description

ADJ. brief, thumbnail The talk began with a thumbnail sketch of the political situation at that time. | biographical, character

VERB + SKETCH give sb

PREP. ~ of He gave us character sketches of all his eccentric relations.

3 short comic scene

ADJ. short | comic, satirical

VERB + SKETCH do, perform | write

PREP. ~ about a comic sketch about a talking cat

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