slope noun

ADJ. precipitous, severe, sheer, steep | gentle, gradual, slight | long, short | downhill, downward | uphill, upward | higher, upper There was snow on the higher slopes of the mountain. | lower | northern, north-facing, etc. The vineyards on the south-facing slopes get more sunshine. | open | forested, grassy, icy, rocky, scree, smooth, snow-covered/snowy, wooded | mountain | dry, nursery, ski dry-slope skiing Some tourists were having a skiing lesson on the nursery slope. | negative, positive The unemployment-income curve on the graph has a negative slope. | slippery (figurative) Once he'd tried that first cigarette, he was on the slippery slope to being a smoker.

VERB + SLOPE ascend, clamber up, climb (up) We clambered up the steep, rocky slope. | descend | have The football pitch has a slope of about one metre.

SLOPE + VERB lead (up/down) to sth a slope leading down to the river | fall, rise The lower slopes rise quite gently. | steepen | flatten, level off

PREP. down a/the ~ I scrambled down the icy slope. | on a/the ~ We camped on an open mountain slope. | up a/the ~ There were more skiers further up the slope.

PHRASES the angle of slope the angle of slope of the sides of the pyramid | the bottom/foot/top of a slope

slope verb

ADV. steeply The ground slopes away steeply at the back of the house. | gently, slightly | away, down, downwards, up, upwards

PREP. to The field slopes down to a small river. | towards

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