slump noun

ADJ. world/worldwide | economic, housing, price, property, sales

PREP. in a ~ The economy is in a slump. | into ~ The industry is sinking into slump. | ~ in Estate agents were badly hit by the slump in property prices.

slump verb

1 decrease suddenly

ADV. badly, disastrously, dramatically, heavily Oil prices have slumped quite badly in recent months.

PREP. by Profits slumped by 70 per cent. | from, to Shares in the company slumped from £2.75 to £1.54.

2 fall/sit down suddenly and heavily

ADV. a little | dejectedly | forward sitting with her head slumped forward | back, down

PREP. against He slumped against the wall. | in She slumped back in her seat. | into He slumped down into a chair. | over She slumped dejectedly over the wheel.

PHRASES be found slumped … He was found slumped in a pool of blood by security guards. | lie/sit slumped …

You can also check other dicts: slump (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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