sound adj.

1 in good condition

VERBS be, feel, look, seem

ADV. extremely, very | fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably That seems like fairly sound advice. | structurally Is the building structurally sound?

PHRASES safe and sound (= not hurt) We arrived home safe and sound.

2 sensible

VERBS be, seem

ADV. extremely, very | absolutely, perfectly She had a perfectly sound reason for acting as she did. | fairly, pretty, reasonably | basically, fundamentally | commercially, ecologically, environmentally, financially, ideologically, theoretically It was a financially sound investment.

sound noun

1 sth you hear

ADJ. big, deafening, loud, powerful We need a big powerful sound from the trumpets in the final passage. | audible | faint, little, soft | high | deep, low | clean, clear, sharp He produces a good clean sound on his flute. | piercing | muffled | amazing, beautiful, good, lovely, pleasing | awful, horrible, sickening There was a sickening sound as his head made contact with the concrete. | familiar, strange | distinctive | haunting | booming, buzzing, clanking, etc. | metallic | hollow | distorted | distant the distant sound of church bells | guitar, piano, etc. She tried to describe what made a good guitar sound. | speech, vowel

VERB + SOUND hear | emit, make, produce, pronounce, transmit, utter What's making that awful creaking sound? Three bones transmit sounds to the inner ear. He didn't utter a single sound throughout the meeting.

SOUND + VERB carry, travel Sound carries well over calm water. | come A strange sound came from the box. | echo | die away

SOUND + NOUN wave | effect | bite As a politician he is a master of the 30-second sound bite.

PREP. at the ~ of He turned around at the sound of footsteps behind him. | without a ~ The door opened without a sound. | ~ of the sound of breaking glass | ~ from There was a strange sound from downstairs.

PHRASES the speed of sound 2 the sound from television/radio, etc.

ADJ. recorded | mono, stereo

VERB + SOUND turn down/up Can you turn the sound up?

SOUND + NOUN level, quality | system a stereo sound system | recording | recorder | engineer > Note at SOUND

You can also check other dicts: sound (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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